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Dandruff shampoo once a week from

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In order to deal with the head of annoying "snowflake fluttering", many people metropolis with severe dandruff shampoo to wash your hair frequently, Xiangya Hospital dermatologist doctoral tutor Professor Chen Xiang reminder, dandruff shampoo once a week that is can. Dandruff shampoo, such as mining music, Kang et al., Generally contain a broad-spectrum antifungal drug - ketoconazole, can quickly relieve the scalp rosea, seborrheic dermatitis caused by scaling and itching. But if the blind pursuit of "immediate" effect often use anti-dandruff, fungal drugs will stimulate the scalp, decomposition peeling those dry, loose skin, but to make shedding dandruff worse. In dandruff process is best, "thinks", if you feel a lot of dandruff, can be appropriately changed twice a week, but not more than three times, because dandruff is not dissolved in the cleaning process alone is not wash wash off, the key is to control the generation of new fat, excessive cleaning will destroy the scalp protective grease. Climate change, lack of sleep, eat spicy food, excess alcohol, hormonal abnormalities, blood circulation, mental pressure, indigestion and other stomach will produce a lot of dandruff. Meanwhile, dandruff also has a direct relationship to the number of dander spores. When dander spores reproduction abnormal increase metabolic rate head epidermal cells will significantly speed up the formation of dandruff. Therefore, only a slight dandruff adjust the diet, such as eating spicy, spicy food and high fat greasy foods, use anti-dandruff shampoo function can also be used in shampoo when water rushed in clear water add a little vinegar, dandruff will be much less. It should be noted that, for the use dandruff shampoo or "snowflake haired" people, they should go to hospital dermatology clinic due to dandruff analysis by a doctor to exclude tinea capitis, psoriasis.

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