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Shampoo and conditioner according to television that can not be

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Just watch TV, many people will think that hair care is a very simple matter, because the ads as long as the shampoo or conditioner to the head touch, everything will be fine. Wrong, in order to have a full head of hair, you have to know exactly where hair care to note. 1. Do not pour shampoo directly to the hair, soap too many things can damage the hair roots. If no foaming shampoo hair may be wet enough, you should then dip some water rather than add more shampoo. 2. twice shampoo. The first shampoo can remove grease and when do hair accessories, second shampoo can make hair fluffy. 3. Do not Qinhuan shampoo, unless your hair has changed. 4. shampoo with warm water. The effectiveness of shampoo at best lukewarm water. If the water is too hot, it will make your hair dry and itchy scalp. 5. To do this use hair conditioner: hair dry with a towel on the water, or at least put on the hair remaining water squeezed out. Otherwise, the conditioner can not be effectively absorbed. 6. conditioner should be applied to the hair, middle or hair, rather than desperately applied close to the scalp hair root. 7. Do not comb to comb wet hair during shampooing with, so prone to broken hair. 8. In order to increase the roots of the hair supporting force, can use a hard brush hair with rubber contacts. 9. If you find that a lot of dandruff, this may be the time to do hair residue, clean shampoo once a week, and you can test your hair supplies after dry residual impurities is not there - it sprayed onto the mirror, and so it slowly dries know.

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