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Super beautiful shampoo Raiders

by Administrator

Beautiful women who do not want to have a nourishing hair do? However, in order to make face more glamorous, perm, hair color which must be; with air pollution, solar radiation Zhunue, straw-like hair, pretty universal. SALON be from time to time on hair care, then get the money but also a busy, small and now teach you a trick saving time and money at home DIY, the effect is good oh! Coming from the most basic shampoo begin to learn it! To ensure the health, whether you want to rest your skin water Dangdang, or to good hair moisture, the most basic conditions have to ensure that there is good food and sleep quality hair care and of course no exception, stable balanced lifestyle and body will be normal metabolic functioning, toxins will subsequently drained. In addition, fresh fruits and vegetables, liver, dairy products, are rich in rich in vitamin B6 (beef, liver), vitamin A (carrots, spinach), vitamin C (oranges, tomatoes), protein (cheese, excellent buttermilk) and other nutrients, but also promote hair growth and prevent hair loss and so on, so usually can eat a little oh! Preparations before shampooing will tangled hair comb to open, from the tail comb to open at first slowly, and then comb the hair roots from the beginning to the end, even the head down, from Naoshao section forward comb open, so send silk smooth, promote blood circulation, perform cleaning work to do more with less! Shampoo like skin in general, we must start from the basic cleaning, complete cleaning work to remove inhibiting substances to absorb nutrients, the follow-up action to effectively absorb nourishment. First, the shampoo into the palm, lather put on hair after washing the hair root to end, and let the hair to fall naturally, using fingertips to massage the scalp jog around, back and forth two or three times, then down to the water slowly flows gently wash, do not use too hot water can cause excessive dryness of the scalp. Conditioner, Hair should not be spared Rinse, rinse both the effectiveness of its products for very different emphasis Rinse protection from harm and other chemical effects produced ironing hair, you can use every day, also focused on increased use of part of the tail. As for conditioner is focused on the renovation of the function, repair damaged hair, isolate UV invasion, once a week, from the scalp to the hair, rub all parts of the hair, then rinse with clear water. After washing, the available wide-tooth comb to comb the tail from the beginning, and with a towel wrapped head, so moisturizing ingredients conditioner can be fully realized. Deep cleaning work, can promote scalp activities will make spirited, thoroughly clean and remove hair. Hair tips when blowing the whole hair, the most appropriate distance of 10-15 cm, do not let the hot air too close, if you want to make fluffy hair pulled, might try to blow in the opposite direction, so they can make hair fluffy type .

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