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Kawashima Makiyo exclusive hair tips

by Administrator

After washing hair do not have full-blown dry, eight dry is the ideal state. Be sure to shampoo her hair when the bubble after Cuochu wipe the hair, this shampoo cleaning effect will be fully realized. How to comb her hair was incorrect 1.: Before shampoo, hair comb along first, and then place the tail knot untied. Shufa do this action, but also the way the dirt on the scalp comb down. 2. Wet Hair: shampoo the hair with warm water to fully wet, the water temperature is about 38 degrees just fine. 3. foaming shampoo: shampoo Cuochu first and then wipe the hair foam. The scalp massage: with fat belly gently massage the scalp, then shampoo and warm water to wash away the head.

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